DiGRA Mailing Lists


You are welcome to join discussion mailing lists Gamesnetwork@lists.tuni.fi that the DiGRA games researcher community uses. Both are currently hosted at Tampere University, and you can subscribe to them either by going to address https://lists.tuni.fi/mailman/listinfo/gamesnetwork and creating your account and subscription details as instructed there (preferred method).

Note that it is easier to change and manage your subscriptions via the web interface.


DiGRA-Announce[aT]lists.tuni.fi is a low-volume list for those who only prefer to get the occasional newsletter and other announcements. This list is only used for DiGRA specific communications.

Other Mailing Lists

There are also mailing lists for digra chapters and special interest groups. See list of mailing lists: http://mail.digra.org/mailman/listinfo. For new SIG or Chapter mailing lists contact admin at digra.org.

General Guidelines for List Behaviour

The purpose of the DiGRA mailing lists is to provide an international forum where games researchers can connect, discuss, and share information pertinent to our common field of study. In the interest of keeping this channel of communication open to everyone, some general guidelines of expected behaviour are outlined here.

  1. Respect- Before sending a message to the list, consider who will read it. Please be courteous and thoughtful in your discussions. This does not preclude strong opinions or ideas from being shared, however we wish to make this environment inclusive to all.
  2. Accessibility- This list serves researchers from a variety of backgrounds and in various phases of their careers, including students. Keep in mind that specialized language may have different meaning to different people. All members should help foster open discussion.
  3. The Archive- While we encourage members to ask questions, this mailing list been around for some time now, and all conversations are archived. If you have a query about reading material in particular, it may be worth checking the archive first (and perhaps linking it in your inquiry) so that discussion can build upon it rather than repeat.
  4. Volume- Most folks get hundreds of emails a day. Consider whether your email really needs to go to the whole list, or if it is better addressed to a few individuals before you send it. Do please share your work and publications, but please do not spam the list. If you are not sure, you can always email coordinator@digra.org to ask.
  5. Communicate effectively- Because of the textual medium of email, subtle parts of communication like tone and inflection often go missing. Before you send a message to the list, proofread for spelling, grammar, and context.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in email warnings and possible removal from the mailing list.


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