Review of Serious Games Development in Hong Kong (2006-2016)


Chinese DiGRA '16
Taiwan: DiGRA, July, 2016
Number: 4
Volume: 13
ISBN / ISNN: ISSN 2342-9666

This paper investigates existing digital games developed and used in Hong Kong for serious needs. Based on a review done online and by interviewing experts in the field, over 300 games were found being used and developed in Hong Kong. The games are mostly available online for free use. The identified games are categorized into eight types based on their general theme. These are health, special needs, awareness raising (for general public), political games, culture, children’s and youth education (all levels), professional training, and marketing and advertisement. While discussing the summarized results of the review, this paper details funding support for serious games and introduces the main contributors to the field in Hong Kong.