Playing And Learning Without Borders: A Real-time Online Play Environment


Funded by CANARIE Inc., the ENJEUX–S project (ENvironnement évolué de JEUX éducatifs et de Simulations en ligne) aims to develop a real-time communication interface that enriches the environments of educational games and simulations developed in the SAGE project. This interface allows for the exploration of a wealth of real-time interpersonal communications in educational situations which utilize online games and simulations. The elements of the interface are built on a Web services environment which rests on a SOA architecture. This novel approach permits universal broadcasting of games and simulations over the Web without any prior loading of software, assuring an increased accessibility of services, the interoperability of platforms and the re-utilization of components. The advances of the User-Controlled Light Paths (UCLP) CAnet*4 fiber optics network guarantee the ENJEUX-S project the instantaneity of communications and a wider visibility. The project is an extension of current work of the SAGE network. This article presents a brief description of the ENJEUX-S interface, its architecture and the design stages on which its development is based.