Survey of the adjourned sale rate of the Japanese home video game industry

Koyama Yuhsuke
2007 DiGRA '07 - Proceedings of the 2007 DiGRA International Conference: Situated Play

We carried out a survey of the adjourned sales rate of the Japanese home video games from famitsu, a major weekly magazine, in order to construct a reference index of project management. We chose Playstation®(PS), Playstation2® (PS2) and Game Boy Advance® (GBA®) as the platform and measured the fraction of the titles which were postponed for sale once or more times. The results are as follows: 1) During the first year after the release of the new platform, the rate of adjourned sale was high and gradually declined year by year. 2) In PS® platform, adjourned rate was nearly 50% in the first three years 1994-1996, and declined to 22% in 2001. 3) In PS2® platform, adjourned rate was 33% in the first year 2000, and declined to 26% in 2004, 4) In GBA® platform, adjourned rate was 24% in the first year 2001, and declined rapidly to 7% in 2004. 5) Game titles scheduled to go on sale around the new-year holidays or at the end of the fiscal year showed a significantly higher rate of adjourned sales


Use of Computer and Video Games in the Classroom

Kirriemuir John McFarlane Angela
2003 DiGRA '03 - Proceedings of the 2003 DiGRA International Conference: Level Up

This paper examines the use of “pure” computer and video games in classrooms. It reports the findings of an ongoing informal survey of how and why such games are used as an integrated part of formal classroom learning. The paper presents a number of examples of the use of such games, and tries to determine likely trends in their use in such an environment. Of significance is an examination of the obstacles that teaching staff encounter in attempting to use such software during lesson times, and how some staff have overcome these obstacles.