“We’re Excited to Chart this Unknown Territory Together”: Storytelling Strategies in Patch Notes Documents

Gursoy Ayse
2020 DiGRA ’20 – Proceedings of the 2020 DiGRA International Conference: Play Everywhere

Developers often describe changes to online games in Patch Notes. These documents are for players of the game to learn about changes and revise their understanding of the game. The evolution of Patch Notes Documents (PNDs) as a genre with structural conventions is a story of how adding narrative features helps explain changes to a genre-savvy audience. In this paper, I explore stylistic and structural techniques used in the PNDs to construct a consistent narrative of evolution of the online multiplayer game League of Legends (Riot Games, 2009). Exploring narrativizing as sensemaking suggests that storytelling can supplement existing preservation activities for digital games


A Recipe for Disaster? The Emerging Ludo Mix and the Outsourcing of Narrative

Bjarnason Nökkvi Jarl
2019 DiGRA '19 - Proceedings of the 2019 DiGRA International Conference: Game, Play and the Emerging Ludo-Mix

Employing The Final Fantasy XV Universe as a case study, this article examines how the changing climate of game development, in tandem with established media mix strategies, contributes to the emergence of the ludo mix as media ecology. Through a comparative analysis of the climate of modern game development and the adoption of media mix strategies, as they relate to the franchise in question, the case is made that these two distinct phenomena intersect to create novel challenges and incentives for a particular kind of game development, wherein the mitigation of mounting production costs has resulted in the strategic outsourcing of Final Fantasy XV’s core narrative, negatively affecting the games critical reception. These findings posit challenges for the future of the ludo mix as the evolving technological, aesthetic and economic climate of game development continues further down the path that has led to this outcome.


Towards Design Principles for Humor in Interactive Emergent Narrative

Chen Kenneth Rank Stefan
2018 DiGRA '18 - Proceedings of the 2018 DiGRA International Conference: The Game is the Message

Humor is an essential part of storytelling, but it has not been studied in the field of interactive emergent narrative. We begin with an overview of various theories of humor and use them to examine examples of humor within the digital media field. This juxtaposition aims to bring together concepts from both fields in order to find a feasible direction. We hope to contribute a framework of humor that can be used in the near future for an interactive emergent narrative project. Our conceptualization of humor frames it in terms of “pleasant surprises” which enable players and other emergent AI actors to stretch the boundaries between plot and discourse.