Videogame art: remixing, reworking and other interventions

Mitchell Grethe Clarke Andy
2003 DiGRA '03 - Proceedings of the 2003 DiGRA International Conference: Level Up

This paper explores some of the areas of intersection between videogames and both digital and non-digital art practice. By looking at examples of art practice drawn from videogames, it outlines some categories and so provides an overview of this area, placing it within the wider context of contemporary and historical art practice. The paper explores the tendency for much of this work to have elements of subversion or “détournement”, whilst also identifying areas of tension in the appropriation of videogames as material for art practice


Videogame Music: chiptunes byte back?

Mitchell Grethe Clarke Andrew
2007 DiGRA '07 - Proceedings of the 2007 DiGRA International Conference: Situated Play

This paper will explore the sonic subcultures of videogame art and videogame-related fan art. It will look at the work of videogame musicians – not those producing the music for commercial games – but artists and hobbyists who produce music by hacking and reprogramming videogame hardware, or by sampling in game sound effects and music for use in their own compositions. It will discuss the motivations and methodologies behind some of this work. It will explore the tools that are used and the communities that have grown up around these tools. It will also examine differences between the videogame music community and those which exist around other videogame-related practices such as modding or machinima.