Breaking the flow: Intervention in computer game play through physical and Intervention in computer game play through physical and on-screen interaction

Eggen Berry Feijs Loe de Graaf Mark Peters Peter
2003 DiGRA '03 - Proceedings of the 2003 DiGRA International Conference: Level Up

This article investigates issues of controlling the amount of time during computer game play and potential solutions to help prevent excessive gaming. The study incorporates the realization of three different variants. Two screen based solutions and one based on a physical agent, outside the computer screen, provide notification and additionally even “intervention” to the user. The three realizations have been put to the test and the results, both quantitative and qualitative are presented. The physical agent-based solution was most attractive.


Guidelines to Design Interactive Open-ended Play Installations for Children Placed in a Free Play Environment

Tiemstra Gordon van den Berg Renée Bekker Tilde de Graaf Mark
2011 DiGRA '11 - Proceedings of the 2011 DiGRA International Conference: Think Design Play

In this paper we describe a study in which we examine how children play with an interactive open-ended play installation. The idea behind open-ended play solutions is that children can create their own game goals and rules. However, what design parameters help children in being able to do this? Challenges include how to get children started with creating games, and develop rules as they play, and how an interactive open- ended installation can be flexible in including different amounts of children and play objects. We processed the observations of children playing with SmartGoals (an open ended play installation) into a series of guidelines that can be used as inspiration for the design of future open-ended play installations.