The Knutpunkt 2018 companion, call for proposals

First staged in Norway in 1997, Knutepunkt/Knudepunkt/Knutpunkt/Solmukohta has grown into a major international meeting hub for all perspectives on live role playing. Since 2001, the conference has been accompanied by a book. In 2018, Knutpunkt takes place in Sweden and the companion takes the step to become a digital-first publication. Just as Knutpunkt is a meeting hub for academics and practitioners, the Knutpunkt companion allows for a mix of contributions. Below, you can find the call for proposals.

The Companion will first and foremost be a digital publication, including all kinds of media. There are no limits on what kind of content we accept, as long as it’s technically possible to be published online. A text, a video, a podcast, a computer game or maybe a piece of music? Send us your suggestions! We cannot promise to publish all submitted content, but we will consider everything.

DiGRA Flanders meeting | 6 June 2017

We are happy to invite anyone in or near Belgium to the upcoming DiGRA Flanders meeting in Ghent. These meetings are intended for everyone currently conducting or interested in research into digital games. Local DiGRA meetings provide a way for researchers to share their research in a formal presentation; as well as an informal setting in which to meet colleagues with joint interests.